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It's always a complaint from e-filers as to they have received a mail from Income tax department as they have not received ITV-acknowledgment copy and requesting for fresh copy to be mailed. Now IT department has given option to check the status of the same online for those e-filer who havenot used Digital signature while uploading their return online.

Income Tax Department is releasing 3 new services on the e-filing website. These are available from the 'Services' menu on the Menu Bar on top. The services are available without requiring any login (and are also available under 'My Account' as well) are:

1. ITR-V receipt status at CPC Bangalore.
2. Refund failure status out of refunds issued or to be issued at CPC Bangalore
3. Processing status of e-Returns from CPC Bangalore

If they have received you will get a message as " ITR-V has been received in CPC "

If you have used digital signaure while uploading return "e-Return has been filed with Digital-signature,
ITR-V is not required. "

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